Our Mission, Vision and Values


Our role is to advance and disseminate successful and responsible national and international business practices through education, training, research in order to support our students to meet successfully the dynamically changing challenges they face under globalisation.


BEL’s motto is to enable students of all its programmes to gain proficiency in using, applying and further developing  in business, IT and management concepts and tools by balancing theory and practice and  acquiring the necessary knowledge and competencies to build career.     

We see ourselves in top-tier School in business and management in UK with an international orientation.

We look forward to achieve this within an environment which is intellectually stimulating both for staff and students and which is sensitive to national and international needs.

Our know-how in Business Management, Strategic Development, Finance and research sets the standards.

Our performance and passion drive the success of our students.


Relationship: We built our relationship with our learners and clients.

Leading the way: We are reliable, customer-oriented, up-to-date and forward-looking.

Excellence in education: We understand education as a great virtue. Success in the markets results from excellent quality in education and infrastructure as well as a good reputation.

Practical application: We are willing to position ourselves in innovative segments within teaching, research and sustainable development.                  

Mission Statement

The Bright Education London’s aims to offer a comprehensive, readily accessible and responsive service in order to promote academic, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all individuals within our student community. Student Services aim to benefit the students of Global Edulink and offers advice and guidance in relation to

  1. Accommodation ( if Required)
  2. Airport Pick-up ( if required)
  3. Pre Departure and post arrival briefings ( if required)
  4. Banking ( if required)
  5. Wellbeing
  6. Library services
  7. Careers Services
  8. Academic Writing Skills
  9. Life Skills
  10. Counseling

These services will be provided by professionally trained support, advisory and counseling staff and, where appropriate, student volunteers within the Bright Education London’s confidentiality policy guideline. Services have been offered on an individual and mutually supportive basis, responding to the needs of students when and wherever necessary.

Student Services strives to promote diversity and will not discriminate against individuals or groups on the grounds of race, culture, social class, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Our Student Services is dedicated to developing and sustaining an environment that encourages optimum human development and promotes equal opportunity.